Many accounts of the Ox-herding Pictures have been made through the centuries, each individual to their maker, yet becoming widely known by generations of ‘passing-on’.

As a sequence they have very often been set – and by some eminent teachers, too – during a period of retreat, over a week say, as a means of focus or adherence for those present, gathered to deepen their awareness and meditation.

It should also be said that context of the picture’s history and dissemination is nowadays easily available for any who wish further to pursue their own OX, should that wilful creature be errant or at large!

Here they are presented simply enough, following the almost-folk tradition, and as a gift to mark the turn into the lunar new year 2021.

To open the sequence, click on the OX character, and if possible try to view the pictures with their words side by side together, as in an illustrated book.
(In the PDF click on More > Page View > Two Page.)

© February 2021