Pa Kua

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Perhaps every culture has patterns of movement based on circles. It must be natural that ritual action develops around its source of power – to early humans, fire – in the same manner as our planet orbits her star.

So too with PA KUA: it begins… in walking a circle.

In progressing: its means are of facing, and evading; of loosening, and tightening; of fullness, and emptiness; of outer-rim, and inner-compass. It employs eight ways or directions – that give it its name – and eight Hands with which to thread, pass, cut, throw, strike, and seize hold.

Each of the Taoist ‘internal’ movement arts, explored with sincerity, reveal the heart and breath of our existence. Of PA KUA, with its trace resonance of earliest ritual this is certainly true. To one who can find its centre, all must be illumined; for the meditation of PA KUA is of walking into Stillness.

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