on Letting Go

On letting go –in the Body

In practising Tai Chi, whether in learning patterns, Forms, or martial applications it is important to step with the whole body, whole foot: thence to walk on, without leaving a trace. (This is a skill developed by Hsing I training in particular)

In using the hands likewise: hold, seize, or strike with the whole body, whole hand; and in letting go similarly, there must be no vestige of the hold remaining. It is surprising how often this is overlooked.

Whole foot, whole hand
is beyond the purely physical.


On letting go – in Meditation

Attaching (to an inner conflict, say, or desire) and the end of attaching occupy/exist in the same space. It is in a sense easy to let go (of a petty jealousy, perhaps), but then in doing so to be left with the knowledge of having let go, maybe even being satisfied in that, is simply another way of attaching. We must let go from/in both/all places at once.


This is action meditation – of complete, absolute bravery. It is the VC moment: unknowing of itself, yet acting. In some rare instances the moment sustains, and is lived.

We come to this place in meditation – as if to a doorway.

To walk through?
Know it possible.

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