on Dragons


  •  Chief among the attributes of the Dragon, in Chinese thought and mysticism, is the ability to move with ease between Heaven and Earth. In human terms this means to be at ease in all or most situations, and to deal with people evenly; to be socially skilful and to communicate well.
  • The Dragon also signifies Tao. Study and practice of Tai Chi/Meditation – a personal/spiritual training – seeds within us a clear-mindedness that allows movement between things and people, thoughts and disciplines, without disconnection.
  • The ‘Dragon Veins’ seen in nature, and often hinted at in Chinese landscape painting, is manifest in ourselves as ‘Golden Thread’. Tao moves here, naturally, centring us to the universe as well as to our planet. In being thus, open-Minded, we understand that there can be no separation from this Oneness, ensuring that where we are is where we are meant/or have to be.
  • Neither Energy, nor Time, nor Dragon has ever been ‘lost’ in the universe – though these are mutable and will change. We may say that Dragons, as mythical creatures, represent that which is non-being coming into being: the you before You… Can there be anything truer than this: In dying we must live, in living we will die, in dying we must live… but differently.

Cloud Dragon Embraces the Moon

Ryoan ji Temple  Kyoto 1999

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