What’s written

The tim’studio Writings pages are an opportunity to present articles and ideas that supplement the teaching. They are intended as guidance or indicators in the direction of further study. In some instances they may appear abstract or to have little connection with the subject Arts, as such; the properly curious will find that this is not so. Readers should bear in mind these few points:

  • That what’s written here is particular: a memoir of Tim’s experience; of his practising,  studying and teaching. Where other peoples’ words are used, in brief quotation, they are done so with respect, credited, and with no wish to infringe their rights etc.,
  • By and large (and imperfectly) the Wade-Giles Romanization of Mandarin is used throughout, though without that system’s heavy reliance on apostrophes and hyphens to indicate where the sound is aspirated in the spoken language. Linguists will howl at this, no doubt; but there is no intention to cause offence and there is a genuine attempt to be consistent. In the end it is a choice of aesthetics, and familiarity: so here you will find Tao rather than Dao, Chi Kung rather than Qigong, Pa Kua rather than Bagua.
  • Where commonly used words of Mandarin (and sometimes Japanese) appear in the body of the text they may be capitalised, for example: ‘I Ching’, or not, for example: ‘yin yang’. Where more rarely known words occur, either immediately before or after their English usage, they will be set in boldface orange.
  • Though this site is not at this time as interactive as some might like, you are very welcome to make comments on the Writings, Thoughts etc., through the Contacts page.

… and what’s shown

Of the gallery photography in the Subject pages: again, some visitors might prefer to see moving images of the Forms as a means of learning from them; this is understandable. However, look carefully, and look again: you will see more than you might expect. In using these Stills, taken in natural light by a photographer (Angus Hudson) with several years’ experience in Tai Chi himself, tim’studio is referencing the inspiring photography of an earlier age. Here is a nod to the great tradition; the hope is that they may inspire you now.