What others say


  • “I have been privileged to have had lessons in Chi Kung and Tai Chi with Tim Spratt for approximately 10 years. It has been an enriching experience and one that continues to deepen as the subtleties of the practice beguile, entice and beckon ever deeper. Tim’s teaching is imbued with patience, integrity and grace and is rooted in a profound study of the Tai Chi. We learn from his example the art of internal balance, mind with body, yin with yang.”
    D.H. (Craniosacral Therapist – London)
  • “Over the fifteen years that I have been studying the Taoist ‘internal energy’ arts with Tim I have become increasingly convinced that he embodies the spirit of the mysterious way…”
    R.N. (CEO – London)
  • “I have found the classes uplifting and life changing! I am so grateful to you for all your teaching, Tim. I really appreciate how intuitive and warm and loving you can be, through your strength, your persistence, your humour, and your commitment… ”
    N.L. (Creative artist & illustrator – London)
  • “Your meticulous teaching and guidance has enhanced and inspired the path I tread. I truly feel more grounded and my spiritual thirst fed, as I am more connected with my physical body and the breath. Big thanks Tim.”
    F.W. (London)
  • “Learning Tai Chi is making a real difference to the way my body feels. My posture has started to gradually improve, and I am increasingly comfortable in my own skin. The Form is challenging mentally and physically, and Tim breaks it down into manageable chunks, ensuring we deepen our understanding of the postures step by step. The background information on Taoist philosophy that Tim provides is always thought-provoking and insightful. Tim’s classes are fun and relaxing, and I find him to be a highly knowledgeable teacher, who shows great sensitivity to his students’ needs.”
    S.W. (Group Sustainability – City of  London)
  • “I derive real benefit both from the classes and from the approach to life that Tai Chi, especially espoused by yourself, brings. So, many thanks Tim, for all your instruction, dedication, and the discipline you bring to new practitioners of Tai Chi. Your approach, and approachful–ness, are wonderful.”
    C.D. (City of London)
  • “Tim, thank you. Your studio has been a growth space for me.”
    C.R. (Chippenham)
  • “All I can say is that this is teaching of a very high order…”
    F.C (London)
  • “Thanks Tim for providing a brilliant blend of practical Tai Chi and Chi Kung with fascinating insights into the philosophies and methodologies that underpin them. I’m grateful for your patience and understanding and ability to make the classes engaging and fun  – I felt I learned something truly valuable that I will be able to take with me for a lifetime.”
    S.L (Freelance Life Coach – London & EU)
  • Our favourite Tai Chi/Chi Kung master in London… (Their honorific, not mine: goodness me!) … Tim is a seriously good teacher, and a seriously good man.
    John & Gaia (Creators of The F**K It  Life – Italy)