The teaching

Down-to-earth practical skills, then a gateway to mysticism

To learn any Art is to enter upon a path where skill develops, understanding comes, through gradual progression; perhaps this is especially true where it is your body and your mind that are being trained. tim’studio offers the individual – and the group – a place to learn by example: to follow, then to practise. With practice the doors begin to open, the experience becomes self-transforming…

Self-defending with self-healing, and a natural philosophy

Within the patterns of this physical practice the hidden martial and healing arts lie bonded together, each bringing a balance to the other. These are the ways of Nature that tim’studio seeks to disclose. It then becomes our task to act, to respond intuitively where we can, in the light of this learning.

Cultivate your life, and tap into some serious joy

To advance in these Arts, to make them lively in your life, requires a certain clear-mindedness or sincerity; it does not require too much in the way of daunting ritual or overbearing discipline. Yet, a nod to tradition is encouraged here, for these systems have not come down to us by accident or mistake, but rather through years – centuries even – of personal cultivation by those who have gone before us. Respect for their teaching and hard-won truths reflects in us, and it is this that produces the progress, the joy along the way, the solid ground of our training… It reveals the Heart.