Serious Joy

To feel more yourself, to be more yourself: balanced, well, comfortable in you own skin… Quiet, when still… With energy when active. These are our natural attributes, our birth-right wherever life has placed us…

These exclusive one-to-ones with Tim are not Tai Chi classes in the conventional sense. Nor are they exactly treatment or therapy sessions, but rather a therapeutic being together – in a meditative context.

‘This is the fruit of my study and experience offered to you… At the beginning we will just sit for a while… quietly share a mind-clearing tea cha. Then I may ask you to stand in a certain way, to breathe a little differently… to follow me as I move, or guide you with a hand on your back. There’s really almost nothing else, except the way you may begin to feel: tranquil, at warm peace, truly calm, quiet yet with the natural activity of vital energy in your body and mind… The thing about joy – and this is what I intend you to have after our hour or so together, joy in your heart – is not that it is inconsequential or fleeting, butterfly-light or intoxicating, but that it sustains by being deeply-felt, by being serious. This is Serious Joy.’

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