Private classes

Private classes in Tai Chi, Hsing I, Chi Kung, or Pa Kua, are one-to-one with Tim and are available to any individual, by mutual consent. They may be booked for weekdays in the Borough Market studio space, or occasionally may be taken outdoors or in your own home/office, where suitable. The table below shows some examples. Please note that a reduction is offered for a private student able to commit to taking six classes within a four week period: this is an intense ‘single-leap’ method of study. Generally speaking private classes are for one hour.
Reduced price private classes for those already studying within a tim’studio group are the last two examples listed.

Location Tariff
Borough Market £70 / hour
Borough Market £360
(six classes within four weeks)
Private Residence or Office
(within London)
£90 / hour
Public Outdoors Location £70 / hour
Studio Location for
Current Student
£50 / hour
Studio Location for Current Student £270
(six classes within four weeks)