Just a few favourite sites and people:

  • My good friend and Tai Chi confrère Richard Napper teaches privately at or near his home in Suffolk. Richard has deep knowledge and great skill in the internal schools of martial arts: he is, for example, a truly peerless push-handsman. If you are in his part of the world and think you might like to train with him, please contact me and I will out you in touch with him.
  • Ben Janssens’ Gallery. Beautiful objects, beautifully photographed. A bowl seen here inspired the colours of this website. Go to
  • Here is a link to the website of my colleague, Daska Hatton. Daska attends my classes regularly, finding the study complementary to her own work. There is indeed much to be explored in the commonality of the Chinese healing/martial arts and the therapies and techniques of the West.
  • Taking tea together is an integral part of tim’studio classes. For lovers and explorers in the Way of Tea Kung Fu Cha Tao, there is no better place to visit in London than Postcard Teas, just off  Bond Street. Here you will find not only exquisite teas but exceptional tea wares, and the happy expertise of proprietor Tim d’Offay and colleagues. Not to be missed.
  • For something a little more robust, visit Fortitude Bakehouse in Bloomsbury, not far away. Co-proprietor Jorge Fernandez is a friend (and martial arts colleague from former days). An excellent team led by fellow proprietor, award winning baker and food writer Dee Rettali, prepare delicious savoury and confectionery counter-foods for their knowledgeable local and wholesale customers… It’s the kind of place you know you will want to go back to, and go back to!
  • Artist Natacha Ledwidge was among the first of my students, remaining in my classes for over fifteen years. I would particularly like to bring attention to her Visual Medicine programme: there is so much to find, explore and follow here.
  • Needing a new bed I began to search for something superior to the high-street chain ‘futon’ mattress I had been sleeping on for too many years. Futon World, a family enterprise based in Plymouth UK, provided me with exactly what I was looking for: a superb ‘Futo-latex’ mattress hand-made in Devon and a very handsome ‘tatami’ (the smell is wonderful!) low-to-the-ground base. Personal service from director Peter Farrow was quite simply exemplary.