I Ching

I CHING: markings, images, words on ways of Change. Writings so old entire civilizations have perished since their setting down.
How should we approach such things, and why?
Perhaps, because I CHING projects such a complete and vast knowing towards us. It is an archetype of understanding, the first social network, universal Future and universal Past.
Consult it too glibly and it will throw disorder back at you. Come to it with sincerity and it may, certainly may, let flow from your mind a direct seeing: a light of perception.
And our method in this enquiry?

Let it be traditional, with the manipulation of yarrow stalks and opening of the Book. Let it be, more simply, in the casting of coins. Let it be, perhaps, in meditative movement derived of PA KUA.
However we choose, in studying I CHING, we are studying the possibilities of change – the protean way. It is a guide to all our lives.

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