Group classes

Group classes run continuously throughout the year with appropriate short breaks taken around public holidays at Christmas and Easter. In order to sustain and commit to the group, classes are payable by the month in advance, except through August when students may pay as they come. Students may also take up to four weeks ‘out’, as holiday, without paying whilst maintaining their place. Classes are generally held in private studio space at London Bridge by Borough Market.
It should be noted that spaces in group classes are limited by availability.
The Saturday morning class is soley for those with experience and is by invitation only.

Please use the CONTACT page to ask for further details and directions.

Borough Market
Park Street SE1
Time Tariff
Tuesday 18.30 – 20.00 £17.50 per class monthly in advance.
(£70 per four week month, £87.50 per five week month)
Saturday 11.00 – 12.30 £17.50 per class monthly in advance.
(£70 per four week month, £87.50 per five week month)

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Private classes

Private classes in Tai Chi, Hsing I, Chi Kung, or Pa Kua, are one-to-one with Tim and are available to any individual, by mutual consent. They may be booked for weekdays in either of the private Borough Market or Notting Hill studio spaces. They may also be taken outdoors or in your own home or office space, where suitable. The table below shows some examples. Please note that a reduction is offered for a private student able to commit to taking six classes within a four week period: this is an intense ‘single-leap’ method of study. Generally speaking private classes are for one hour. Reduced price private classes for those already studying within a tim’studio group are the last two examples listed.

Location Tariff
Borough Market or Notting Hill
Studio space
£70 / hour
Borough Market or Notting Hill
Studio space
(six classes within four weeks)
Private Residence or Office
(within London)
£90 / hour
Public Outdoors Location £70 / hour
Studio Location for
Current Student
£50 / hour
Studio Location for Current Student £270
(six classes within four weeks)

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Private Pair classes

Two-to-one classes with Tim are available but only where both parties can reasonably commit to attend at each class. Six classes is the minimum. Paired classes run for up to eighty minutes. Examples:

Location Classes by Appointment Tariff
Borough Market or Notting Hill
Studio space
SIX classes
(minimum one per week)
(£90 per class, payable in three instalments of £180)
Private Residence or Office
(within London)
SIX classes
(minimum one per week, or by arrangement)
(payable in three instalments)
Public Outdoors Location SIX classes
(minimum one per week)
(payable in three instalments)

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Serious Joy

A SERIOUS JOY meeting is an exclusive one-to-one with Tim, open to any individual by mutual consent, or by referral, and taking place almost always in private studio space in Notting Hill. These are meetings-in-meditation, to help restore balance and well-being. Meetings will generally last around eighty minutes. An enquiry into the I CHING may be added to the meeting, if requested.

Location Meetings Tariff
Notting Hill
Studio space
Pre-booked £90
Notting Hill
Studio space
with I CHING enquiry
(a written interpretation of the I CHING enquiry will be forwarded after the meeting)

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I Ching enquiry

Enquiry into the I CHING by traditional YARROW STALK method, or by PA KUA Form method, is available to students or any individual, by mutual consent. These may be made one-to-one with Tim in person, or remotely in absentia. Your enquiry may be general or specified in the form of a question, best noted down and submitted in advance. A written interpretation of your enquiry will be forwarded to you by email or post.

Location Enquiry Tariff
Notting Hill
Studio space
In person
Yarrow Stalk or PA Kua Form method
Remote Enquiry Pre-booked
Yarrow Stalk or PA Kua Form method
(payable in advance)

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Study Days, Retreats… & the tim’studio picnic



Standing Chi Kung: postures for meditation
Circle Walking
Four Dignities: meditations mini retreat
Tai Chi Sword
Seated Chi Kung: postures for meditation
Five Part Staff
Pushing Hands/Healing Hands
Tai Chi Applications
I Ching
Hsing-I Animals: Monkey & Sparrowhawk
All Forms: a re-cap opportunity

1.30 to 4.30
11.00 to 4.00
postures for meditation
mini retreat
British Museum 2.30
from 10.30

4A Park Street SE1 9AB
Borough Market at London Bridge

SATURDAY 24th March : 1.30 to 4.30pm


This will be a fully practical afternoon looking into the hows and whys of
Seated Chi Kung.

Suitable for beginners or for those who wish to penetrate more deeply into this self-transforming, self-healing energy work.
Seated postures, with exercises, breath patterning, repeated arms and hands gestures, have existed as mind-body training since time before record. Different cultures, some existing still, others long-lost, have passed these practices down the generations, often hiding their efficacy within highly esoteric forms so as to guard them from corruption.
The outline of our afternoon will be mainly Taoist in character, with an emphasis on YinYang – with movement derived from that philosophy’s most ancient symbol: the Tai Chi Tu.

Early Chinese Buddhist meditation Chan/Zen will also be referenced, as these cultural and religious developments themselves drew from Taoism, and earlier sources.
The afternoon will cover: how to find and make the archetypal Vital Sitting posture, to understand it, breath in it, to re-find it for yourself. There will be a series of movements with breath patterns. Time will also be given to the importance of accurate hand postures/mudras.

ABOUT SITTING: Sitting practice is most normally carried out cross-legged or kneeling, however bench-seated participation during the afternoon will be entirely welcomed. In other words: Do not not come because you are fearful of having to endure discomfort, as there is no need.

Join this afternoon, with interval refreshment of exceptional teas, and learn to sit steady in an untseady world.

Fee: For current students: £35.00
          For visiting students: £50.00
(unless coming to the Sunday as well in which case the lower fee applies)

Afternoon will run 1.30 to 4.30pm. Studio will be open from 1.00pm.
Reservations: Please use the Contact page to email your wish to attend: your reservation will be confirmed shortly afterwards.

SUNDAY 25th MARCH : 11.00 to 4.00pm


Now running for a sixth year, this extremely worthwhile mini-retreat of meditations, short discourse and guidance.
Standing  Lying  Walking  Sitting : Posture and the Four Dignities
Take up the gift of these few hours – to be with yourself whilst in the company of others.

Morning will run 11.00 to 1.00 and afternoon 2.00 to 4.00. Studio will open from 10.30. We will take a full hour’s lunch break. There are places nearby to eat or buy food that are open, but please bear in mind that Borough Market will be closed. You may of course bring food into the Studio. Biscuits and exceptional Chinese Teas are provided.

(only) Suggestions: that you refrain from alcohol in the preceding day. That you prepare for the day by being quiet as you get up and that you should have eaten lightly before we start. That you wear loose clothing (as for a regular Tai Chi class) and bring an additional warm sweater/shawl/socks to put on. That you take steps so as not to need to make (device) contact with those outside for the duration of the day (including during lunch & tea breaks), nor to read newspapers etc. That you are ready to observe silence for the greater part of the day.

There is no fee set for this day, instead a Contributions Envelope will be placed in the studio.
Please use the Contact page to email your wish to attend.

STUDY DAYS into a particular subject, such as TAI CHI WEAPONS, CHI KUNG or PUSH HANDS, are an irregular feast, and as such will be promoted here, as they occur. Retreats and Study Trips, will generally speaking have a MEDITATION TRAINING element running alongside FORM teaching. These events are individually priced as they appear, with the exception of…

… the tim’studio picnic, taking place annually on the last Saturday of July and which is £££ FREE!

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Payment for all classes and meetings may be made in Cash, or by online Bank transfer: details upon request. Regular students to group classes will pay at the first class of the month. Private classes will be paid for as they occur, or in advance for a set of classes to obtain the discounts as described.

Please note: the prices listed here are a guide and may be changed or amended to suit individual circumstances at the discretion of tim’studio.

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